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AIA Technology Co., Ltd is a professional design, and production, and sales experiment equipment of integrated type Enterprise, company has built micro-anti-, and small, and medium experiment device of development, and design, and assembled, and debugging and the technology service system, by provides of products in process design, and control, and software development, and engineering research, and device manufacturing, and technology service, aspects, in domestic leading level, can for domestic, and outside customer provides high quality of products and quality of service.

Business involved in the oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, energy, electricity, environmental protection, medicine, and other fields. In micro-channel reactor, and more channel parallel test, and FCC upgrade tube reactor (flow of, and catalytic, and cracking), and wet wall Tower reactor, and fixed bed, and flow of bed, and mobile bed, and Super critical, and kettle type continuous reaction, and aging, and catalyst evaluation, and adsorption (containing transformer adsorption), and off attached, and refined, and isomerization, and abandoned oil (trench oil) into for biological fuel (biological diesel, and aviation biological kerosene), and hot cracking, and added hydrogen (containing coal tar added hydrogen), and dehydrogenation, and aggregate, and coal business oil, and gas of, and coal liquefied, and desulfurization, and SCR off nitrate, and NOx selective catalytic restore, and oxidation, and ammonia, and ammonia oxidation, and dehydration, and b benzene alkyl of, and b benzene dehydrogenation, and vinyl cracking, and fee-supporting synthesis, and added hydrogen vaporization, and methane of, and propane dehydrogenation, and fractionation/distillation/fine distillation, and steam into, and synthesis gas occurred, and toluene disambiguation of, and xylene heterogeneous, and carbonyl of, and amine base of, and alkyl of, and catalytic off wax, and delay coking, and oil reduction stick, and water hot reduction live, and propane off asphalt, and restructuring, and micro-anti-activity evaluation, and aromatic gas purification poly olefin, and synthetic rubber, and engineering plastics, field, MicroChannel reactor, test equipment, test process Simulator for design and construction, has accumulated a wealth of experience and know-how, can according to customer's specific requirements, design and delivery of personalized products and services.

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